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Three Trees Retreat, Watsonville - CA During a current session in 2004, Sequoia and Jack were encouraged by the Entity though Medium Joao to incorporate the Crystal Bed into their healing practice at Three Trees Retreat. Since then hundreds of people facing serious challenges have benefited from this collaboration. Following the crystal bed period, Sequoia and Jack facilitate the rest of the session with divine energy and healing sounds. In this work the Crystal Bed opens the gateway for further healing to occur with Sequoia and Jack.

Tatiana Toshkina - Los Angeles - After living in Abadiania for 6 years and working every day as a supporting medium at the casa de Dom Inacio, Tatiana has relocated to Southern California and offers John of God Crystal Bed treatments as well as guided tours to visit John of God.   Come and experience the deep effects of the crystal bed treatments in a comfortable environment and without having to travel half a world.   The balancing effect of the lights beamed to your energy body though quartz crystals will allow your spirit to go through profound transformational processes that can have beneficial effects in many areas of your life, including your physical health.  To make an appointment, e-mail or visit the website

 Ariana King - Middletown - She recently returned from Brazil & is very grateful to share the divine *Crystal Light Bath* experience in Northern California.  Ariana is a Spiritual Counselor & Mediator, Healing Practitioner in Energy Medicine, & long-time Sadhaka & Teacher of Yoga.  The "Bath" is located in a peaceful & beautiful forest setting near a flowing creek, 2½ hours NE from San Francisco, & 10 minutes away from Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown.   To set up your healing appointment, call  or email  707-987-3430 or 707-254-5662  Love to all.

Frieda Krieger - Santa Cruz   The poet Rumi's words, "love is the medicine", summarize my experience at the Casa. The witness of spiritual and physical healings leaves us forever changed. The reports of those who have used the crystal bed in my studio strengthen my commitment to provide a sacred space for the continual unfolding of the healing we each gave birth for. Please see my website for information and testimonials. Also, if you have been to the Casa, we would love to have you join us at the meditation group that I was given permission to facilitate here, in Santa Cruz. Bem vindo. Welcome. Contact us at or visit our website 


 Deb Court - Ojai - Deb Court is a long time student of A Course in Miracles, an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peace Making with James Twyman's Beloved Community and The Emissaries of Light. With deep gratitude, Deb is honored to be given permission to bring back a Crystal Bed to Southern California where she lives in a beautiful santurary in the foothills of Ojai. write at or Call 805-669-5643.


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